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30 Days Australia and New Zealand 

My husband and I have just come back from an exciting 30-day trip to Australia and New Zealand.  It was wonderful—we enjoyed the big cities of Australia and the landscape beauty of New Zealand. Three things made traveling for 30 days easier and more enjoyable than I ever would have imagined. I am going to share those with you.


Packing Cubes


First--packing cubes—I have become a disciple.  We moved about every two days; staying organized was critical.  I used packing cubes to keep me “together”—a place for everything, everything in its place. I have packing cubes from Eagle Creek, but many companies make them.  Underwear in one...t-shirts in another…pants in another.  You know exactly where to look for your pajamas at the end of the day. Then, in the morning, everything goes into either the dirty clothes cube or the appropriate bag.


Mill City Made Minnesota Hat

My second savior was my Mill City Hat made by my BFF, Matt Hodges, a student at Iowa State.  I love this hat—wore all the time.  It kept the hot New Zealand sun off my face and, with the little Minnesota embroidered on the front of it, it paid homage to my home state.  It’s always fun when you are half way around the world to give a nod to Minnesota. Shop your hat here: mellyonline.com/collections/mill-city-made 


MZ Wallace Large Sutton Bag

The third “must have” for a trip like this was my MZ Wallace Large Sutton.  This squishy tote, with the cross body strap, worked great for me.  On the plane it was my tote--carrying all the things I didn’t want to check and couldn’t afford to lose…medications, contacts, glasses, jewelry, passport…all those sorts of things.  When we got to the hotel, I unpacked it and repacked it with the day trip necessities…water, guidebooks, sunscreen, and Mill City Made hat.  I was obsessed with the blue camo, but it comes it lots of colors…black, red, mushroom, navy, hunter green and others.  A true "Must Have."  Throw in a cashmere travel wrap, too.  You’ll be glad you have it along. Shop here: mellyonline.com/search?q=sutton 


Perry and Mary in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Be sure to put Australia and New Zealand on your bucket list—you won’t be disappointed.


  • Posted on by Lauren Kiesel

    I’m reading your blog while preparing for my hike today on the Franz Josef glacier! We must be following in your footsteps. Had to smile when reading your tips as they too have made my travel easy! I look forward to comparing notes on our trips when I get home! Cheers mate!

  • Posted on by Annie Cronin

    Love this! I love my packing cubes too, but I organize mine by day wear, evening wear, workout/athletic, etc…..
    I may be in to buy a hot and a large tote!

  • Posted on by Nancy Lou Kelly

    Bill asked why we did not know all your tricks 25 years ago when we started our travels. 😀 your tips were great and you looked amazing in your simplicity style!!! So glad your trip was wonderful. Bill thinks you have a new calling to National travel magazines. Xo nl

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